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Knots in Orthopedic Surgery

Open and Arthroscopic Techniques
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Umut Akgun
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This well-illustrated book presents the state of the art in suture materials and provides clear, step-by-step guidance on how to tie the most frequently used knots. The opening section addresses terminological issues and describes how the biological and mechanical properties of suture materials may impact on healing potential. The basics of knot biomechanics are explained, highlighting the risk of failure of knots and sutures if their capacities are exceeded. Subsequent sections give precise instructions on the tying techniques for the various open and arthroscopic knots, including the square knot, the surgeon’s knot, half hitches, and sliding and non-sliding knots. The special instruments available to facilitate the tying of arthroscopic knots are thoroughly discussed, equipping the surgeon with the knowledge required to ensure optimal handling of the soft tissues and manipulation of sutures in arthroscopic surgery. A literature review on suture materials and arthroscopic knots completes the coverage. This book is published in cooperation with ESSKA. It will be a valuable instruction manual for surgeons in training and will supply more experienced surgeons with an excellent update that will further enhance their practice.
Basic Sciences: Terminology.- Biological properties of suture materials.- Mechanical properties of suture materials.- Biomechanics in knot tying.- Failure modes of knots and sutures. Open Knot Tying: Square knot.- Surgeon`s knot.- Half hitches.- Sliding knots.- Fracture reduction and fixation by knots. Arthroscopic Knot Tying: Arthroscopic instruments.- Soft tissue handling in arthroscopic surgery.- Suture manipulation in arthroscopic surgery.- Half hitches.- Non-sliding knots.- Sliding knots. Literature review: Suture materials.- Arthroscopic knots.

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