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Modular High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Power Plant

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Kurt Kugeler
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"Modular High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Power Plant" introduces the power plants driven by modular high temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTR), which are characterized by their inherent safety features and high output temperatures. HTRs have the potential to be adopted near demand side to supply both electricity and process heat, directly replacing conventional fossil fuels. The world is confronted with two dilemmas in the energy sector, namely climate change and energy supply security. HTRs have the potential to significantly alleviate these concerns. This book will provide readers with a thorough understanding of HTRs, their history, principles, and fields of application.

The book is intended for researchers and engineers involved with nuclear engineering and energy technology.

General Aspects of High Temperature Reactors.- Physical Aspects of Core Layout.- Thermo Hydraulic Aspects of Core Layout.- Fuel Elements.- Internals of Reactor and Core Relevant Components.- Primary Enclosure.- Components of Helium Cycle.- Reactor Containment Building.- Power Conversion Cycle.- Operational Aspects.- Safety Aspects and Analysis of Accidents.- Fuel Cycles and Waste Management of Spent HTR-Fuel Elements.- Economic Aspects of Power Plants and Examples of Optimization.- Experience from the HTR-Development Until Now.- Overview on Some Experimental Results on Safety Aspects of Modular HTR.- Literature.- Collection of Some Important Data.

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